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In the aftermath of calling Jay Mariotti a hag (or something like that), Ozzie Guillen was ordered by Bud Selig to undergo sensitivity training. Ozzie said he wasn't going to do it, the media grilled him about it last night, and then Ozzie slipped back into Ozzie mode.

He threatened to "start being nasty with the media," right before he walked out on the interview. Start being nasty with the media, Oz? After calling someone a 'fag'? That's like Brett Myers saying, "You know, I think I need to start putting my wife in her place."


Come on, Ozzie. Just do the training, simmer down for a bit, and see if you can learn something. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.


In other White Sox news, there are accusations floating around that they are dirty, dirty, cheaters. Some unnamed Cardinals players are convinced that the Sox were using a camera in centerfield to tip off pitches in games one and two of their series. The White Sox went 40-for-88 in the first two games, but after the Cards changed their signs in the fifth inning of the third game, they went 4-for-36. Ozzie laughed off the accusations. At least he's got something to laugh about these days.

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