Because when you're waxing lyrical about desecrated statutes of a team that started not only A.J. Pierzynski but Scott Podsednik and Carl Everett, you might just be off your rocker.

The White Sox are 24-31, nine and a half games behind Cleveland, after being swept losing three straight up north, at the Blue Jays' hands, this weekend. Perhaps Ozzie fears for his job: He who writes Juan Pierre's name in the lineup card daily does so at his own peril. Same goes for Alex Rios, who has, inexplicably, hit less than Pierre has. (The pair of allegedly fleet-footed outfielders has also combined for 13 steals and 11 caught stealings. That is... not good.)

Here's Ozzie in the Chicago Tribune:

"They'll only remember the 2005 team in 2020 when we come here in a wheelchair," Guillen said. "Oh yeah, thank you. As soon as you leave the ballpark, they don't care about you any more. They don't. The monuments, the statues they have for you, they [urinate] on it when they are drunk. That's what they do. Thank you for coming for 30 minutes for all the suffering you did all your life, day in and day out.

Or maybe he's the sane one, and you're all crazy:

I wish I don't feel any thing for this game. I wish I didn't care about the White Sox. what the general manager, fans, media thinks. I wish I could say, '[bleep], I don't give a [bleep]. I can't. I try to put it in my mind that I don't but I can't because I love baseball, I love this organization and this is a job I want to do. I'd be lying to myself. I do care about this [stuff].


Then he got to Twitter, writing in his inimitable meter:

What a hell I going to say bad thing about white sox fan they are behind me all my carrer a less most of then
Allways take stuff out the contest put people in bad situation to people can read then
I have the enterviu on tape I whish I can sue then thas a very low blow
Press asociacion print you name who put that today tha will be fear
Bunch a crap

Makes sense to me.

Guillen: Fans have short memories [Chicago Tribune]