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There's something farcical about arbitration hearings, which, when you get down to it, feature a team's executives arguing in front of a player that he isn't very good. It's happening to the best defenseman in NHL as we speak.

According to Elliotte Friedman, the Canadiens submitted a one-year offer of $5.25 million, while P.K. Subban countered with $8.5 million. After today's hearing, an arbitrator will choose one of those numbers, or anywhere in between. The arbitrator's ruling must be made by Sunday.


$5.25 million seems low. (Actually, $8.5 million might be low.) But it's just business, nothing personal. Of course that's easy to say when I'm not the one listening to my bosses tell a stranger about all my flaws. It was a big surprise that Subban and the Habs didn't reach a deal to avoid arbitration, if only because Subban might remember today when he finally does sign his monster contract. Marc Bergevin may remember today as well, depending on which team Subban signs that contract with.

Update: It's a really long hearing.

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