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Packers DL Johnny Needs To Find A Legal And/Or Cheaper Way To Get His Jollies

Johnny Jolly, who was arrested in 2008 for possession of over 200 grams of codeine—and subsequently suspended for the entire 2010 NFL season—applied for reinstatement on February 11.

So, um, would it surprise you that the Jolly Green-and-Yellow Giant Packer was stopped early Friday morning with 600 more grams of codeine and a suspended driver's license?


According to CBS Houston's intrepid reporters, Anna-Megan Raley and Gavin Spittle, police also discovered an unidentified substance, which they've sent for testing. Jolly's agent is praying it turns out to be anthrax, we assume.

Though we don't know what form Jolly's codeine took, his 2008 arrest involved codeine cough syrup, which is often mixed into a concoction called "purple drank," "lean," or "sizzurp." And often that concoction includes—you guessed it—Jolly Ranchers.

But Jolly, Packer may not be long for the NFL. Such, such were the Jollies.

Johnny Jolly Charged With Possession Again [CBS Houston]

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