Packers Fan's Drunken Odyssey Ends After He Bungles Daring Truck Stop Escape

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Wintertime in Wisconsin is a harsh season for all, including drunken criminals whose schemes may end up foiled by the unforgiving climate. Nathan Tyler Meleski knows the pain.

Meleski attended the Packers’ game against the Texans yesterday, but as he told Washington County deputies, sometime during the game he got drunk and found himself separated from his friends. Worse still, his cell phone was dead, marooning him without a way to contact anyone.

So Meleski chartered a cab back home to Richfield, Wi., which cost him $475, per the Milwakuee Journal Sentinel. Once they arrived and it came time to pay, Meleski allegedly made a break for it.

The cabbie drove from Lambeau to the Richfield Truck Stop, located west of Interstate 41 at Holy Hill Road, the office said.

The passenger told him to wait while he used an ATM inside so he could cover the $475.60 fare. Instead, the sheriff’s office says, Meleski slipped out the back of the business and left the 59-year-old cabbie without paying.


Once the cabbie let the sheriff’s office know, they apparently were able to track Meleski to Fat Charlie’s in Richfield (from Yelp: “not bad”) after following his tracks through the snow. He was reportedly arrested and booked on a misdemeanor charge. Had he tried the ole backdoor escape trick in a different season, his fate might have been different.

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