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Time for your Pacman Jones update ... and it's a fun one. Everybody's favorite bouncer biter is in even more trouble today, as the search warrant for him has been made public. All kinds of doozies in here:

Las Vegas police recovered more than $81,000 in cash from Mitchell's room that investigators believe belonged to Jones. The search warrant also shed light on some missing details about what happened inside the strip club before the 5 a.m. shooting occurred. Cornelius Haynes Jr., better known as the rapper Nelly, and rapper Jermaine Dupri, were also at the club and sitting with Jones's entourage in the VIP section, the warrant stated.

Haynes had tossed hundreds of $1 bills on the stripper stage, an action known in street slang as "making it rain," and Jones joined in. An announcer told all the dancers to go to the center stage, and about 40 strippers soon were on the stage. Mitchell told the strippers from his Houston club to pick up the money, which apparently was only supposed to be used for visual effect, the warrant stated. One of the dancers than took the trash bag filled with Jones' money and a "melee broke out. Jones became irate about the loss of his money, and the fact that girls were in a frenzy, picking up the money at their feet," the warrant stated.


Oh, so this was all about a trash bag with $81,000 in it. THAT should clear everything up.

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