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Pacman Jones Throws Punches On Pros Vs. Joes; More Unscripted Violence Possible

After his first week as a "Pro" taping the "Pros Vs. Joes" show, Adam "Pacman" Jones showed one contestant he's not there to be nice.

LA Times sports writer Sam Farmer stopped by the set to casually observe a bunch of young never-weres compete against numerous pro athletes on the downside of their career. One confrontation occurred between Jones and former Holy Cross linebacker Dan Adams:

Anyway, Adams stuck Jones at the goal line, jarring loose the football. It was pretty funny, because Jones had been talking trash to that point, referring to Adams as "Waterboy." A few minutes after the hit, the two exchanged punches and had to be separated.

"He hit me 10 yards out of bounds, kind of a cheap shot," Adams said. "I couldn't sit there and not retaliate. You've got to have some pride and dignity."

As for the oft-suspended Jones, released by the Dallas Cowboys after the season, he didn't seem too concerned about how he came off on camera.

"I guess that's the person he wants to be," Adams said. "But I guess in his defense, people kind of get caught up in the heat of the moment."


Of course. He was caught up in the moment. But one person close to the show said that Pacman's been ornery from the start of taping:

"His crew of thugs were scarier than him...but he did bring it for the show...and he was serious about kickin these guys' asses."

Let's put the "Pros Vs. Joes" production team's Pacman readiness at Defcon 3. Sad part is, it might actually better for his long-term career right now to actually get thrown off this show. Look what happened to that New York lady from "Flavor Of Love."

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