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Pacman's Job For The Next Year

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You're Pacman Jones. You can't play in the NFL for a year because "The Man" has suspended you. You can't participate in TNA Wrestling because your former team served you with a restraining order pretty much preventing you from doing anything that would cause a scratch on your finger. What is a boy to do with all this free time on his hands? That's right: Make a rap album.


Unfortunately, his new single "Let It Shine" won't hit the streets until August 27. But that doesn't mean Pacman can't go about advertising himself and his label National Street League Records. And what better way for you to let the world know that you are still gangsta and hard core than with a MySpace page?

There are so many things right with this page—the dollar signs in the background, the rotating football helmet with a marijuana leaf on the side, one of the "artists" on the label spelling his name not one, not two, but three different ways (Spoety, Spoaty, Sporty), and his other "artist" name being Squirt da Work. And let's not forget the rotating pictures of these artists in front of their cars with money strewn upon it. A little advice: If you want to show how big and bad you are, how about taking the timestamp off the pictures? Something about it just screams disposable camera.


So if you want to get a jump on what's going to be pure fi-yah in a week, you can hear Pacman's Posterboyz partner Spoaty/Spoety/Sporty and Squirt da Work in their hits "YA NAH MEAN," "Poppin Rubber Bands," and the new street anthem (their words) "How U Feel."

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