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We would like to congratulate ESPN's Page 2 on its Online Journalism Awards nomination for the Best Online Commentary (Large), which, at first glance, appears to be for the most outstanding columnist who uses very big letters on a computer. The site's fellow nominees, impressively, are not whole sections of a major network's news site but, in fact, mere human beings, including Slate's Mickey Kaus and BeliefNet's David Kuo.

Since they didn't give us any individual nominees for the best "commentary" on Page 2, we're just gonna go ahead and guess:

• Rachel Nichols' interview with tennis star James Blake on what gifts to give your girlfriend.
• Nick Bakay's gripping and daring comparison between Darth Vader and George Steinbrenner. (Apparently they're both bad guys.)
• Bristol Bob's achingly beautiful song parody "Are You Strong Enough To Beat My Lance?"
Skip. Freaking. Bayless.


We were gonna count 24 College Avenue, but we figured that only qualifies for a National Book Award. To clarify.

Congrats, Page 2!

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