Papa John Joins Long And Noble Tradition Of Asshole Kentucky Bandwagoners

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Disgraced pizza man Papa “John” Schnatter, having been ostracized by the University of Louisville after he was revealed as a racist and a horrible boss, has evidently abandoned all support for his formerly beloved Cardinals. Instead of continuing to root for Louisville despite the removal of his name from the university’s stadium and business school, Papa has done what so many horrible people have done before him, and simply decided to cheer for Kentucky basketball.

The above GIF comes from the first half of the Wildcats’ game against LSU on Tuesday night. The Papa, perhaps drawn to the school by the legacy of Adolph Rupp, was spotted behind the UK bench proudly sporting what looks like a Big Blue oxford with the sleeves rolled up. Here is a still image:


Not only is the Papa just at the game, but that is an absolutely incredible seat for a ranked match-up at the home of one of the biggest basketball schools in the country—the kind of seat you can’t get without plenty of connections and impossibly deep pockets. There is literally nothing a rich man can say that will keep him out of polite society for more than a few months.