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Amateur athletics and gambling go together like bacon and hot fudge. Each weekend I will share some of my valuable college football gambling wisdom with you, the reader. Just remember, most of said "wisdom" comes from years of losing ridiculously speculative bets; when you lose all your money don't blame me (blame Will!). Check out the details after the jump.

Today I'm offering up a three team parlay, and it's filled with as much chalk as last week's (INCREDIBLY SUCCESSFUL) offering. These early season out-of-conference clashes provide the best opportunity to increase your bankroll for the rest of the season so take full advantage. Yes, Cal is that good, Notre Dame is that bad, and LSU is that scary.


Odds: 6/1
Proposed Wager: 48 to win 288

Cal -14 at Colorado State
Is this line a joke? Cal might be tempting if they were giving another touchdown here. Now let's all pray that Colorado State's punter hasn't seen film on DeSean Jackson. Otherwise we'll just have to settle for pedestrian "offensive" touchdowns.

Penn State -17.5 vs. Notre Dame
I'll take Joe Paterno's corpse over Charlie Weis at this point. Little known fact: Jimmy Clausen is still a Clausen!

LSU -11 vs. Virginia Tech
This could be an asskicking of relatively epic proportions. LSU is buck-nasty and they actually give me nightmares. Thank god Tim Tebow always steps in to save the day before I wet the bed.


If you're looking for my equally unreliable (or so I thought) advice on tomorrow's NFL action you can find it over at KSK.

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