Part 2: Ocho Stinko and Injuries, Injuries, Injuries

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Still no word on the Brady injury. Kind of ironic that this is the first week in four years the Patriots haven't listed Brady on the injury report. A domino effect was started as other starters throughout the league starting dropping like flies. • The debut of Ocho Cinco turned out to be Ocho Stinko (yeah yeah. get used to it). With 1 catch for 22 yards so far, he is not impressive. still has him listed as Johnson though, so the stats don't count. Right? • Chiefs quarterback Brody Croyle left the game in the third with an undisclosed injury. Croyle went down on a vicious sack by Adalius Thomas. • The Seahawks are in baaaad shape. Nate Burleson goes down with an unprovoked injury in the third quarter of the Seahawks/Bills game. With other starting receivers Deion Branch and out already, Seattle is in offensive trouble. Starting running back Maurice Morris also left the game with a knee injury but returned late in the game. • Vince Young goes down with a knee injury in the 4th quarter. Kerry Collins came off the bench to take over the team and puts LenDale White in for a TD. Said the announcer, "Someone told LenDale there was food in the endzone." Notables so far: Donovan McNabb (361 yards, 3 TD's) Drew Brees (343 yards, 3 TD's) Michael Turner (214 yards, 2 TD's) Willie Parker (138 yards, 3 TD's) Randy (116 yards, 1 TD)