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Past And Current Jaguars Disagree On Tebow's Future

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The best QB in franchise history thinks Jacksonville should draft Tim Tebow. One of the men who would be protecting him says he'll be a bust.

Mark Brunell is all about Tebow:

If they want him on the field and they think he can contribute, I think [the Jaguars] should [draft him]," Brunell said at Super Bowl media day. "I think he's going to be a good football player. I think he'll do well at this level.

"But I don't think Timmy wants to go to Jacksonville if they're drafting him just to sell tickets. He wants to compete and play. So if they want a good football player, absolutely [draft him]."


Okay, fair enough. Brunell, a talented player, thinks Tebow's also a talented player. He loses points for this, though:

Nobody's running the Wildcat or whatever you want to call it full-time [in the NFL]," Brunell said. "It's a great change-up [offense], that's all."

Now, on the other side of the debate, we have OG Uche Nwaneri, with some comments on a Jaguars message board (Florio says it's legit).

So im at a bank trying to cash a check, and the bank teller starts up some convo about how Tebow will save the jaguars. And the hole time, when i asked him what does tebow bring to the game that the jaguars dont already have. yes i can understand the intangibles such as leadership etc. but as a football player, what does he bring that will take the jags to the next level??? he couldnt tell me. so let me drop a quick top 5 for all u fans. this is my top 5 things you should know before you assume Tim Tebow will the tebow jesus in teal town.

5. He cant throw. PERIOD.
4. He cant read any coverage other than probably cover 2 or man cov. PERIOD (the only cov. in college lol)
2. He doesnt know how to take a snap from center, nor is he even comfortable enough to.
1. HE CANT THROW. and thats really something you either have or not, never seen a qb who couldnt ever throw, just all of a sudden beable to throw just because hes now in the NFL.

now if u want to say, tebow will save the Jags TICKET sales... sure, he may beable to help them alot, until people realize this aint gator country no more lol. by the way.... GO BUY SEASON TICKETS!!!!!!!!! Ill be Damned if i have to come out for pregame warmups to a COMPLETELY EMPTY STADIUM ANYMORE!!!!!!!


Three enjoyable things we learn from this story.

1. Uche Nwaneri doesn't deposit checks; he cashes them.
2. Uche Nwaneri really thinks "be able" is one word.
3. Uche Nwaneri thinks Tim Tebow will be a horrible NFL quarterback.


And when your offensive line doesn't respect you, it's real tough to make it in the NFL.

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