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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

It must be tough being a basketball coach when your dad is in the Hall Of Fame. How are you supposed to live up to his legendary reputation for insane tirades?

It's a tough job, but Pat Knight is certainly doing his part to uphold the family name. Yesterday, his Red Raiders were on the receiving end of an admittedly-terrible call—and a loss to freakin' Nebraska—when Pat went ballistic. He stormed on the court screaming obscenities, quickly earning an ejection. Then as he was being led off court by security, he broke free like a Jerry Springer guest coming back for round two and had to be restrained by his own coaches. Well played, Son.


Say what you will about Bobby Knight and his famous temper, but even he never tried to physically intimidate an official. Well, except for that chair. But at least he was calm about it.

Oh, and it's also good to see Pat carry on the other Knight tradition of sideline casual wear. Were his other sweatpants at the cleaners? [AP, video via ESPNews]

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