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Pat Tillman's Brother: "I Wish He Would've Just Lit These Fucking Idiots Up With His Own Gun"

Richard Tillman appeared on Real Time With Bill Maher over the weekend, and, like the rest of his family, Richard still plainly refuses to grieve in the officially sanctioned manner. It's maybe the only life-affirming thing about the whole affair.


For instance, Maher asks him about the ominous body of evidence suggesting that Pat Tillman was "deliberately attacked by his fellow troops." Richard doesn't bite, but he does say this:

I wish he would've just lit these fucking idiots up with his own gun. 'Cause he knew that they were shooting at him. I wish he didn't have so much character, and he would've shot his own guys.


It isn't a pleasant sentiment; it isn't a mourning family member's quiet martyrdom or anything like that. But it's exactly what you'd expect from a family that's still justifiably angry over both the circumstances of Pat's death and the ensuing cover-up. Richard, you might remember, is the guy who not-so-gently chided John McCain and Maria Shriver at his brother's memorial service. The two had spoken and offered the usual platitudes about Pat's being in a better place. Afterward, Richard's turn came and—beer in hand, in between sobs—this is what he said: "Just make no mistake, he's not with God. He's fucking dead. He's not religious. Thanks for your thoughts, but he's fucking dead."

Maher asks him about that moment around the 5:20 mark of the video (there's a clip from the service, too). Richard explains now:

I found it offensive. It's like, I don't go to a church and say, 'This is bullshit,' so don't come to my brother's service and tell me he's with God. He's simply not with fucking God.


It's pretty powerful stuff. The whole segment is worth a watch, as is The Tillman Story, which is still in theaters.

Pat Tillman's Brother To John McCain: "Pat's Not With God, He's F*ckin' Dead." [Guanabee]

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