Photo credit: Luis Vieira/AP

Former Manchester United defender and current Marseille player Patrice Evra will not play in his team’s Europa League match today after he channeled his inner Eric Cantona and karate kicked a fan of his own team in the face. Here’s a photo of the incident:

According to reports from those on the scene in Portugal, Marseille fans had been heckling Evra during pregame warmups for a good half hour. At one point a group of hecklers came down from the stands and near the pitch-side ad boards, where they were confronted by an angry Evra. After an exchange of words, Evra kicked one of the fans.

There’s also video of the fight, though it’s a little hard to make out:


Evra wasn’t named in the starting lineup but was to be on the substitutes bench. The Marseille-Vitória Guimarães match eventually kicked off like normal, and Marseille were allowed to play with their full starting XI.