Photo: Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images

Sound the Twitter drama foghorn, because you’re about to read about something incredibly stupid and meaningless.

During the Boston Marathon on Monday, one man held up a sign with the third-quarter score of the Patriots-Falcons Super Bowl. (Remember how that turned out?) It was a clever motivator for the runners, and a display of good old Boston pride. Abdul Dremali, who goes by @Advil on Twitter, posted the photo, and it really clicked:

Eventually, this caught the attention of media outlets, and they politely asked Abdul for permission to use the image even though Twitter is public. ESPN, a network which Patriots fans hold in contempt for doing fake news to the team, did not receive permission:

Who did this, fam?


Fam—he did it.

He fammed the fam out of that fam. There was more to this famming, however: The photo wasn’t his.


Whoops. Dremali, who had been determining how to be credited for a photo he didn’t take, tried to make it up to the original photographer.


There’s a lesson in all of this: Validation on the internet is the most addictive drug of all.