It took a little while for that lead to stretch beyond 7, but New England began pouring on the points in the second quarter. My favorite part of the game was when Dolphins d-back Lance Schulters appeared to have intercepted Tom Brady's pass, but a second later Jabar Gaffney ran untouched to the end zone with the ball. If you're not convinced yet of Brady's ethereal abilities, observe the way he made the ball translucent and pass through Schulters' torso en route to his 48th touchdown of the season. Patriots 28, Dolphins 0

Cleveland's loss gave Tennessee something to actually play for. They're scheduled to begin playing football in the second half. As of right now, they're just exchanging turnovers. Titans 7, Jets 6

Jeff Garcia has five passing plays of at least 20 yards. The Bucs have no turnovers. And yet they lead San Francisco by less than a touchdown. Buccaneers 13, 49ers 7

The Falcons coach had an odd motivational speech at halftime: "All right, team. We're losing, but I have something in my car that will help you guys win. Just ... let me go ... get it ... " [runs outside, sound of tires squeal thereafter] Cardinals 24, Falcons 14


And how is Baltimore handling losing to the Dolphins last week? Well, they've responded with almost getting points in the first half. Seahawks 21, Ravens 0