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Remember that boomerang of a long pass that Paul Pogba spanked out in this summer’s Euros that had you cooing like a baby at it’s complete and utter brilliance? Yesterday, the €105 million man managed to one-up himself with this insane, blasted, outside-of-the-boot beauty.


Cross-field passes are generally prettier to look at than they are effective, since they’re usually high and slow and allow a defender enough time to jog over and get all up in the space of the previously wide-open player out on the far wing. This kind of ball, however, one that screams through the air with the speed of a missile, is perfect.

Had Paul Pogba been standing where he stood and driven a pass over to Lucas Digne in the traditional manner—using his instep to hit the ball—the force of the pass, its trajectory, and its accuracy over such a distance would’ve been plenty impressive on its own. That he did all that on the move, with the outside of his right foot, arrowing the ball toward the byline to compel Digne to make that run into the open space, and still managed to hit his man perfectly in stride, is totally nuts.

A message to José Mourinho: please, let Pogba run wherever he wants and do whatever he desires. When you do, he can do this, and things like this are why the €105 million spent on this midfield phenom was worth every cent.

h/t 101 Great Goals

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