PBA Game Derailed By Nut Shot, Clothesline, Two Dance Interludes

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If you’ve been wondering what happened to former Kentucky stud and NBA role player Terrence Jones, buddy, do I have an update for you.

Jones currently plays in the Philippine Basketball Association for the TNT KaTropa. During a game against the Phoenix Pulse this weekend, he was involved in one of the zanier fits of on-court violence you are ever likely to see.

Things get started with Calvin Abueva shoving Jones to the ground, to which Jones responds by punching Abueva right in the dick and balls. Abueva really milks the injury by going for a jog all the way around the court, and Jones spends part of the stoppage of play dancing to Yung Joc. After play resumes, Abueva badly misses a shot, tracks down Jones following the defensive rebound, and the just clotheslines the ever-loving shit out of Jones’s neck. Abueva is immediately ejected from the game, but not before showing off some of his own dance moves.


TNT KaTropa won the game 114-88. Jones had 40 points, 10 rebounds, and six assists.


h/t Rexwell