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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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If this one shakes out, it'll be a scoop heralded by the unlikeliest of sources in the unlikeliest of venues: former ESPN interviewer Roy Firestone announced that a former MLB player will be revealing today that he used steroids throughout his career.

Firestone, the respected longtime host of the late Up Close, appears to have bounced around since leaving ESPN. He's popped up at HDNet, AOL, and in appearances on Good Day LA. He does speaking engagements and has even released a cover album. Firestone, a lifelong Orioles fan, posts frequently on the Orioles Hangout message board. And yesterday afternoon, he promised a bombshell:

Someones's "coming out tomorrow"

Wont tell you who or where, but someone is going to announce tomorrow that he
used steroids throughout his career and that almost 90% of the players he played
with did too. I am not at liberty to say more than this, but it will be a big story.
I can tell you he is NOT an Oriole and he is retired . And no, he is not Jose Canseco
and he is not one of the usual "suspects".Dont ask me to give my sources or more
details but just stay tuned.


Is there anything to this? We have no idea. Firestone's not a reporter, but he's crossed paths with thousands of athletes over the years. By the end of the day, we'll know if message board teasers are the future of sports journalism, or this is just like Rob Lowe's exclusive "Peyton Manning is retiring" report.

Update: It's Robert Fick. That'll teach us to doubt Roy Firestone.

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