Pedro Martinez And Kevin Millar Delivered A Boozy, Awkward Toast To Fenway Before Today's Game

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A lengthy ceremony recognizing the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park before today's Yankees-Red Sox game came to a close with former Sox stars Kevin Millar and Pedro Martinez offering a toast, sort of, to the stadium—while sounding a bit like they'd been rehearsing it for some time. (The Red Sox are calling it the largest toast ever given.)

While the bottles themselves are labeled as Welch's sparkling grape juice, we wouldn't put it past them to swap in something with a bit more kick—fans have been doing the same with water bottles and juice packets for years, after all. But given the formality and circumstance of the ceremony to that point—a tuxedoed John Williams conducting a performance of a commissioned Fenway tribute piece, et cetera—we'd consider a boozed-up toast to be a far better reflection of what Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox really represent. [MLB]