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Penn State "Adequately Covered" For Impending Civil Suits

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Penn State president Rodney Erickson recently sat down with Bob Schieffer of CBS's Face The Nation program for an interview that will be aired tomorrow. The clip below focuses on the looming civil suits against Penn State and the school's preparedness to handle them.

With the recent discovery of the alleged victim from the shower scene witnessed by Mike McQueary, Penn State is snapping into action. In the interview, Erickson basically begs the victims not to take the school to court, making it clear that Penn State is actively trying to settle all claims before yet another jury ever gets to hear all the lurid details of the school's total failure to deal with Jerry Sandusky.


Erickson says Penn State is insured and has "adequate" protection to pay out on the various suits. The school is hoping to settle the claims "as quickly as possible" so as to avoid "drag[ing] victims through another round of court cases."

Such a strategy also avoids dragging the school in front of more angry jurors, this time with a chance to cut a check for someone.

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