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Penn State Admits Official Fired Earlier This Week Was Fired For His Role In Sandusky Investigation

In an admission that shocks absolutely no one, unnamed sources within the Penn State athletic department have confirmed that associate athletic director Mark Sherburne was fired this week for his role in the investigation of child sex abuse claims against former coach Jerry Sandusky and the administration's failure to properly act on same. Specifically, sources indicate Sherburne was fired for his failure to timely comply with the state Attorney General's subpoena for documents related to the investigation.

One person said Sherburne was dismissed for failing to produce in a timely fashion documents under subpoena by the state Attorney General's office related to its investigation into Sherburne's boss, athletic director Tim Curley. Curley is on administrative leave after being charged with lying to a grand jury and failing to report an abuse allegation against retired assistant coach Jerry Sandusky.


The documents were eventually produced voluntarily and without further court intervention, however information is scarce and it is unclear if Sherburne produced the documents or someone else in the department eventually complied with subpoena.

Just about every high ranking official and his or her cousin declined to comment on the story—deferring to some other department —making this just another Penn State story.

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