This story is still filtering out, but it appears that the Penn State discipline dance continues. Last night a warrant was obtained to search the apartment shared by four Penn State football players: AJ Wallace, Andrew Quarless, Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma. Police responded to a complaint at 8, knocked on the door, and noticed the smell of marijuana. At that point the officers were denied entry. So the officers got a warrant and returned at 10:59. Upon the return police found the noxious weed. Immediately Penn State message boards exploded suggesting that ESPN had planted the drugs in the apartment. None of the players have yet been charged as test results on the substance are not yet in. While college kids with pot in their apartment isn't a shock, Penn State really can't afford any further incidents. Especially not now that SportsCenter is live all day. Marijuana found in apartment [The Daily Collegian] 5204 Apartment Update [The Black Shoe Diaries]