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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

People Losing Their Life's Savings ... Live On NBC!

Illustration for article titled People Losing Their Lifes Savings ... Live On NBC!

It's a logical idea whose time has obviously come: Televised golf wagering. In a move that could only be made by a network desperate after missing out on the Barbaro documentary, NBC is going to televise a full golf tournament made entirely of degenerate gamblers. And Fox is doing it too.

NBC will air the World Series of Golf, a made for tv event, on June 23rd and 24th. Fox is raising the stakes with the Ultimate Game at Wynn Las Vegas which will air June 9th and 10th. The "Ultimate Game" was originally thought up over 10 years ago by former NFL quarterback Steve Bartkowski. Both the NBC and Fox version of Golf/Poker (Goker?? Polf??) require the entrants to put up their own money. The Fox entry fee is 50k apiece for the 40 contestants. The 40 is whittled down to 12 through match play, and then there's a 36 hole stroke-play tournament for the 2 million dollar check.


If Michael Jordan isn't a part of this, someone in his entourage is clearly not looking out for his best interests. We love that people have their own buy-ins and their own money on the line. Someone's gonna commit suicide on live television.

Golf/Poker Michael Jordan Heaven [You've Been Blinded]

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