Perfectly Timed Anonymous Report Says Trent Richardson Got Fat

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Trent Richardson's forgettable season ended with an absence in the Colts' AFC title game for personal reasons; general manager Ryan Grigson later announced that Richarson was serving a two-game suspension. ESPN now has a new report that claims Richardson had conditioning issues, and ditched the team before the AFC championship. Perhaps coincidentally, the Colts are looking for a way to void Richardson's contract. Funny how that works out.

According to Mike Wells of ESPN, Richardson struggled with his weight after hurting his hamstring in Week 7:

That's when Richardson's weight issue started to take off. He began the season at 225 pounds, but his weight had ballooned up to around 240 pounds later in the season, according to a source.

Richardson said after practice one day during the middle of the season that he was running extra sprints to work on his conditioning. He denied to the media late in the season that he had a weight issue.


Things reached a head, Wells's source claims, when Richardson didn't tell the Colts he was going to miss a walk-through before the AFC championship.

Maybe this is all true! But the Colts owe Richardson $3.1 million next year, and don't want to pay him, and are reportedly seeking to void his deal. A leaked report that Richardson was fat and aloof probably doesn't hurt their chances.



Photo: AP