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Perhaps An 'Ali Brush And Floss' Would Be More Accurate

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If Muhammad Ali's being looked at as some kind of grandfather of rap now, this is going to put a major dent in his street cred. There are probably a lot of artists out there who look back at their early albums and wish they could do a few things over, but at least none of them did this: The Adventures of Ali and His Gang Vs. Mr. Tooth Decay: A Children's Story.

Howard Cosell, Richie Havens, Ossie Davis, and Frank Sinatra, of all people, are also involved. I find Sinatra's participation easiest to believe, just because I can envision him saying to some young lady, "Oh, you used to listen to that Tooth Decay record Ali and I did back in the 1976? That's super, sweetheart," while pushing her face down towards his crotch.


Four tracks from the record are available. One, which I assume is an intro, where Ali brags about putting the crack in the liberty bell and then claims responsibility for the Boston Tea Party. There's another were an evil Sinatra tries to sell kids ice cream, before Muhammad Ali helps them resist the evil pleasures. And finally, the climax: Howard Cosell does commentary on the Ali vs. Tooth Decay fight.

And the saddest thing about is that thirty years later, children still get cavities. Ali vs. Tooth Decay. The one fight Ali couldn't win.

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