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Perhaps He Will Someday Be Played By Helen Mirren

As creepy as we find recruiting — "Hey, look, it's a 16-year-old! Let's make him strip to his underwear and sprint for us!" — we do enjoy the wide variety of personalities and segments of humanity the vaster scope of coverage affords us. The more people we meet, the more likely there's going to be something weird about some of them.

We'd like to introduce you, then, to our third favorite sports name, falling just behind Wonderful Terrific Monds and Lucious Pusey: It's Yourhighness Morgan, a junior linebacker at high school in Florida who's considering Auburn, Florida, Florida State, South Florida and Central Florida. Here, it's not just the first name that's brilliant; it's the juxtaposition with the Christian name. When you hear the words "Your Highness," well, "Morgan" isn't exactly the next word you expect to hear.


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