Before watching this video, I had no idea kite surfing was a thing. It seems to involve standing on a surf board in the ocean while holding on to a giant kite, a hybrid of surfing and paragliding. Sounds like loads of fun, but also like an incredibly dangerous thing to do in the middle of a tropical storm, because, well, you know.

The video above appears to have been recorded in Redington, Beach, Fla., just as Tropical Storm Debby was tearing through. Yes, someone is kite surfing, because the dangers posed by the storm must have been nothing more than a minor annoyance for him, something to be scoffed at while mercilessly taming mother nature's winds. But just watch what happens to him at the 51-second mark.

Oh, and according to the person who uploaded the video to YouTube, our daredevil friend had already jumped the pier once before the camera started rolling. No word on whether dude ollied off of a hot bitch's tits after he returned to shore.

h/t Sean