See, this is where PETA miscalculated rather badly; I would have no problem clubbing a guy in a baby seal costume. In fact, I'd walk several blocks out of my way to do it.

If PETA wants to get my attention, they should use a real baby seal; or serve donuts. At any rate, it's the world's largest animal rights organization vs. Canada in a brawl to the finish, and PETA is choosing the Vancouver Winter Games as the battlefield. The world's largest animals rights organization vs. Canada; yeah, that sounds about even. From The PETA Files:

Vancouver will be home to the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, which will put Canada on center stage for much of the coming year, and we plan to put its shameful hunt there, too, for all the world to scrutinize. We have written to the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee asking for their help with persuading government officials to outlaw the hunt.

We all knew that China had its flaws, making it ripe for protest during the Summer Games. But I never thought this would happen in Canada; the only controversy there is cheap prescription drugs and the occasional stolen mitten. PETA, however, is not amused with that chilly nation's annual seal slaughter, and plans to use the runup to the Vancouver Games to stage their protests.

Until I see Terrence and Philip do a PSA, I'm not committing to either side.

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