Friday afternoon, football-enjoying capybara Peter King sent a tweet:

When King hit “send” on this tweet, I’m sure he thought he was just sharing a harmless bit of humor that the kind of people who like and enjoy Peter King as a writer and personality—dads who tuck their polos into their khaki shorts—would get a kick out of. Wait until they see this fun little glimpse into the life of an NFL reporter on the road! he probably thought to himself. We’re havin’ fun today!

I do not think King expected to spend the next few hours getting absolutely roasted:



Even the cops dragged Pete:


King caught so much shit for his tweet that he carved out a little piece of his weekly Monday column to apologize for it:

My apologies to those offended (and you should have been) by my tweeting the photo the other night of our car in the bicycle lane for a few hundred feet near Qualcomm Stadium, hustling to get there in time for an interview. Dumb by me for sure, and I’m sorry for the post.

Peter King learned a few valuable lessons on Friday. The first is that driving in the bike lane is dumb and dangerous and you should never do it, and the second is that the internet is always, always ready to fuck you up.