Proprietor of Sports Illustrated’s MMQB and Tom Brady stenographer Peter King had a meltdown yesterday over a tweet from Bleacher Report:

Here is the since-deleted tweet that made him so angry:

Screenshot via Awful Announcing

And the rest of King’s tantrum:



Eventually, Bleacher Report did indeed apologize:


Look. Bleacher Report’s tweet was shitty, and should have cited either MMQB or King. But it is also the sort of thing, whether intentional or an honest oversight, that happens daily in the high-speed world of internet publishing, and doesn’t require seven overwrought tweets about being “despicable” and demanding “respect for the business.”

Inside the article King was properly cited, and despite this being another condemnation of Bleacher Report’s aggregation by a whiny and powerful sports media figure, the fact remains that they are one of the most generous creditors in the business, and have always openly and enthusiastically directed their traffic hose at competitors’ sites, which you can’t say about most sports media companies.

(And in any case, it’s a dumb, banal, self-congratulatory quote. Get a fucking grip, all of you.)