I imagine that in Barry Bonds' fevered dreams β€” when he sleeps at all β€” this is pretty much all he sees. We've told you about Petey P. Cup, the urine sample mascot for HealthPartners.com. But now meet his new sidekick, Pokey Syringe. Together they fight crime crusade for gay rights terrorize prostitutes dance on street corners to remind Twin Cities' residents of the importance of testing for drugs and other health problems.

From Pokey's bio:

β€’ I was born in Bloomington, Minnesota on May 27, 2008.
β€’ Petey the Pee Cup has contracted me as his syringe specialist to help promote online patient services at healthpartners.com.
β€’ No need to replace me after each use; reuse me as often as you like!
β€’ I'm most fun when stepped on at the beach. Cowabunga, dude!
β€’ Please do not be alarmed by my dark, suicidal moods and night terrors.

You can also purchase Petey and Pokey gear over at the HealthPartners site (the Pokey Syringe journal is the perfect graduation gift). And I will devote an entire MLB Closer to the first player photographed wearing this.