Denver 37, Oakland 21: Fuck I'm good, just ask me. Yeah, you are Peyton. You're pretty effing good. This little smirking moment came after Manning successfully changed a play at the line, converting a third-and-six pass to Demaryius Thomas for a first down early in the third quarter. It wasn't a big gain—good for 8 yards—but it was typical Manning efficiency.

On the other side, there's this:

It's not quite the story of the game in two GIFs, but this one was not close. The actual final score itself is not all that close but it's still deceptive. Montee Ball gift-wrapped seven garbage points for the Raiders when he fumbled just before the two-minute warning. Darren McFadden ran it in and the Raiders were able to close the lead to 16 in the final two minutes.

That mini-boner aside, the Broncos were in control all night. Peyton Manning had another Peyton Manning game—374 yards and 3 touchdowns—and Darren McFadden had has many passing touchdowns as Terrelle Pryor.


So, Raiders fans did not have much to cheer about tonight. But, that doesn't mean they had to act like animals. Take a look at this man, who is single-handedly breaking down stereotypes, one painted face at a time. I promise you will not find a more well-mannered and proper individual in black shoulder pads accentuated with spikes and skulls than this gentleman. A fight to the death?

Yes, actually.