Peyton Manning Should Sign With Every Team In The NFL, According To Internet

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On Peyton Manning's first day of free agency, the Internet decided he should play ... everywhere:

"San Francisco, I look at what they did and whether they've made that commitment to Alex Smith yet, I don't know. I don't know where they stand, but that's a team that's got great defense, it has some young receivers, a very good tight end and a good back, that, you put Peyton Manning in that offense and people are going to be scared to play them." []


"Not knocking what Alex Smith did ... but a guy with the knowledge and talent of Peyton Manning, I think you'd take it to a whole different level. If he's healthy, he's going to have a chip on his shoulder like crazy. He's going to be pissed." [San Francisco Chronicle]

"I really hope the Bears sign Peyton Manning to back up Cutler after the release of Caleb Hanie.#teamCutler @JayCutler6" [Twitter]


"If you truly think about it, he can go where ever he wants. What would stop him from knocking on our door saying "hey, I want to play for you" Now I know this is extremely far fetched but not a 0% chance of happening. WE are close to his current residence, closer than anyother team and if he was spiteful and wanted to stick it to the Colts owner Jim Irsay he could play for the Bengals and steal 1/3 of thier It would actually be a great move as far as PR goes on MB part because he would gain immensley in attendance and increase his fan base 10 fold just on proximity alone." [ message board]

"I wish Peyton Manning would play for the Buffalo Bills #FatChance" [Twitter]

"Pros: No general manager will give him a bigger hug if he joins the team. It won't even be close. Cons: Only team in the NFL that performs better without quarterbacks who put up points and hit receivers in stride." [SB Nation]

"The big question seems to be whether or not Peyton will have full nerve regeneration in his neck and throwing arm. Will he still be a force in the NFL? Only time will tell. The acquisition of Manning would create much publicity and intrigue in Cleveland, and carries with it the possibility of attracting other quality athletes to a city that has had its share of sports-related anguish in the past." [Bleacher Report]


"If the #Buccaneers sign Peyton Manning my dreams will be realized. Josh Freeman showed last season that he isn't ready to be the guy." [Twitter]

"Arizona offers a great opportunity to win in the short-term. The Cardinals might not be the ultimate win-now squad, but they had more wins than the Dolphins, Redskins or Seahawks last season. Arizona also plays in a dome and against one of the NFL's weaker divisions, both of which are great selling points for convincing Manning to sign." [Forbes]


"The Cardinals seem to have a lot of factors in their favor: a domed stadium with a natural grass field, a coach (Ken Whisenhunt) with a history of working with a veteran quarterback set in his ways (Kurt Warner), one of the NFL's best receivers (Larry Fitzgerald) and an improving defense. Oh, and a need at quarterback." [Arizona Republic]

"Chargers should pick up Peyton manning, a new head coach, and a new defense." [Twitter]


"A healthy Manning would bring instant credibility to a team that sent their head coach packing just a year ago. The Chiefs have a great young nucleus that would buy into anything Manning brought to the team. Imagine what this offense could look like. Manning throwing to Dwayne Bowe and handing the ball of to Jamaal Charles." [Yahoo Contributor Network]

"If Peyton does become a free agent, there is still a chance Colts pick him back up. If he can't pass another team's physical, I could see Peyton re-signing a contract that would benefit both parties." [Indianapolis Star]


"Why cant we resign Manning to the vet minimum? I'm still telling myself this is all part of the plan." [Pro Sports Daily Message Board]

"Romo may have had the best year of his career, but his numbers in his best year are still nowhere near where Manning has been. If Manning returns to health and proves to teams that he can go, Jones will at least consider this move. If Manning heads to Dallas this season, I am calling a Super Bowl for the Cowboys. How's that for a game changer?" [Bleacher Report]


"You all know I think Miami ideally would do better to trade up to the No. 2 pick if possible and draft Robert Griffin III, but of the more realistic free-agent options I like a healthy Manning over an unproven Matt Flynn. 'Heathy'—another key caveat." [Miami Herald]

"I would estimate the Dolphins could easily gain 10,000 season ticket customers if they land Manning. I'm basing this on the fact that lesser offseason moves in Miami history have seen a significant spike in season tickets sales and the addition of Manning would make those moves pale by comparison." [Miami Herald]


"7. South Florida offers weather a passing quarterback will love as the season moves into the biggest games of November, December and January. But then Manning knows that. He has a place on South Beach." [South Florida Sun Sentinel]

"If you're Eagles coach Andy Reid and your carcass is supposedly on the line if you don't win the Super Bowl (which it actually isn't), which quarterback would you rather hitch your future to: Manning, an 11-time Pro Bowl selection who has won a Super Bowl; or Michael Vick, who is still an enigma after nearly a decade in the NFL? It's a no-brainer to go with Manning, who, if healthy, is still a top-three quarterback." [Philadelphia Daily News]


"Peyton Manning ? 66 million deal with Atlanta Falcons ?" [Twitter]

"Giants sign Peyton Manning to 5 years 5 mil so he can help his brother become the greatest ever??#linning" [Twitter]


"Players around the league, including Jaguars defensive tackle Terrance Knighton, reacted to the news. Knighton's first Manning tweet: 'No Peyton Manning twice a year anymore!!!!! Thank God!!!!!' Knighton's second Manning tweet: 'Hey Peyton! We have great weather here!!!!! #comeondown' Knighton added: 'Who wouldn't want Peyton tho. PATS PACKERS GIANTS SAINTS are the only teams who won't consider.'" [Florida Times Union]

"Message to Jets: Get your Mann. If dad Archie Manning is no longer afraid of his middle son playing again, if Papa Archie seems to want him to play again as much as Peyton himself wants to play again following invasive neck surgeries and the fusion of two vertebrae, then it would be negligent on the part of Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan not to do their due diligence." [New York Post]


"New York, the greatest city in the world. And when the Jets play a Monday night game, he can host Saturday Night Live. If you think Madison Ave. can't get enough of Manning now, just imagine the line outside his door if he's playing here. Built-in playdates for his twins with their cousin, and Aunt Abby and Uncle Eli to baby-sit." [New York Daily News]



Should the Lions sign Peyton Manning so Matt Stafford can hold his clipboard?
Many mediocre quarterbacks improve when they can sit on the bench and watch a real quarterback play.


no , i think he'll fit real well in chicago, so u can drop that garbage { cutler } and maybe win 9 games


ps. YOU'RE NOT SUPERBOWL BOUND J@CK@$$ , [Yahoo! Answers]

"The #Packers should sign Peyton Manning to replace Flynn as the back up." [Twitter]


"i ain't sayin @Panthers should sign peyton manning, but he is in NC and imagine the good he could do killa cam #fantasyteamswag" [Twitter]

"Manning to the Patriots! Brady plays 1st half, Peyton 2nd half. #inaperfectfootballworld" [Twitter]


"I would welcome the opportunity for Peyton Manning to come to the Patriots as insurance for Tom Brady. That way, the Pats can demolish the rest of the league for the next decade or so. In 2006, I nearly accepted a well-paying job as a computer technician with All Star Executive, an advertising agency that relocated from Indy to Boston, but chose to stay in Indy. So if Peyton Manning were to wear a Patriots jersey and still throw to Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon (if they also signed with New England), I would switch my allegiance to the Pats for life." [Boston Herald]

"Could Peyton Manning End Up with the Raiders in 2012? Meanwhile, Reggie McKenzie and Jim Caldwell have appeared out of nowhere. McKenzie hands Manning a number 18 Raiders jersey! The crowd is booing as Manning holds it to the sky! Manning announces he'll be playing quarterback for the Oakland Raiders! He kicks over the podium and leaves the stage as once again 'The Autumn Wind' blares from the speakers!" [Bleacher Report]


"Peyton Manning to the Rams. Rams trade Bradford to the Redskins. #yeahisaidit" [Twitter]

"I wanna see Peyton in a ravens jersey" [Rudy Gay]

"Do it. Get him. Whatever must be done, however much the Redskins have to pay or promise to bring Peyton Manning to Washington, they should offer it. This is one instance in which Dan Snyder needs to be the Dan Snyder we used to know, the check-writer with a signature on the bottom flashier than a fountain." [Washington Post]


"Of all the options available to us, it is my opinion that a combination of Manning and a rookie would be the safest, lowest-risk plan to upgrade the quarterback position. Peyton is better than all of the free agent options, and more proven than the top rookie prospects—which, by the way, we are not currently in position to draft." [Hogs Heaven]

"Just try to imagine a healthy Manning with a first round wide receiver, along with Leonard Hankerson, Santana Moss, and Fred Davis, with a three-headed beast a running-back. If you ask me, that is one hell of an offense." [Riggo's Rag]


"Say Peyton Manning you can come to the @Saints since they don't want Drew Brees." [Twitter]

"Lastly, put in a call to Brett Favre. Ask him what working with Darrell Bevell was like in Minnesota. In fact, this set-up is eerily similar to the one you thrived in with the Colts, where Tom Cable acts in much the same capacity as Howard Mudd did for you in installing the run game and pass protections while Bevell, like Tom Moore, puts in the passing packages." [My Northwest]


"But if full examination results in reasonable assurance of Manning's return to health – even if something short of 100 percent – the potential reward could be immediate. If he gets released by the Colts, he may be the most highly motivated player in the NFL next season. Not that motivation has been an issue for him." [The News Tribune]

"They said they need an elite QB to get them back to the SB because Ben Roethlisberger can't get it done. They also said all Ben does is lose and Peyton is the proven winner they need. The Steeler organization claim even tho Peyton is injured and may only get to 60% of his old self that would still be 100% better than Ben." [ message board]


"The idea of leading the Texans to a Super Bowl is intriguing to Manning. He'd be doing it in a city that has never even gone to a Super Bowl. In a city that lacks a championship pedigree. For a team that has one lousy playoff win in its history. And for a little icing on the cake, he'd get to go to Indianapolis, into the building that he built, and lead a team to a win that has never won there before." [Houston Chronicle]

"We are at the crossroads of a historic moment in the living history of what, by any objective measure, is the greatest state in the union. A gift horse is smiling at us. The football gods are smiling upon us. We have Luck to thank. As Tennesseans, born or bred, it has always been our duty to volunteer to come together to do all we can do to right a wrong or effect positive change in the world. That is why we call upon you now to join us in sending a message to Peyton Manning to come home to the state of Tennessee and play quarterback for the Tennessee Titans." [Come Home Peyton]


"The longer term impact would be Manning's ability to teach Christian Ponder the ins and outs of the NFL game. Manning has always been known as an intelligent quarterback, and if he could pass those strong traits on to Ponder, Minnesota might indeed have its franchise quarterback for years to come." [Yahoo]

"Why not the Vikings? If he's fit enough to play, why not attempt to sign him and let Christian Ponder sit and learn from one of the best? You'd have to think Manning would enjoy handing off to Adrian Peterson and throwing the ball to Percy Harvin." [St. Paul Pioneer Press]


"If the Vikings want to win right now, Christian Ponder is not the answer. This isn't saying Ponder doesn't have potential, he just isn't the answer right now. Say the Vikings sign Manning. Not only would that give them a four-time NFL MVP quarterback at the helm, it would also provide that experience and knowledge that Ponder could learn from." [Bleacher Report]

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