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Peyton Manning Somehow Isn't The Unanimous MVP

Peyton Manning had the best season ever for an NFL quarterback, so it wasn't surprising that he was picked for the AP MVP, his fifth overall. It was, however, dumb to find out that he wasn't a unanimous choice.

It doesn't mean that much. Manning still gets the award with 49 out of 50 votes, but it's stupid that the greatest regular-season performance just wasn't enough to impress one jabroni, who voted for Tom Brady. According to the Denver Post, that jabroni was former quarterback Jim Miller of Sirius XM NFL Radio.

"It pains me because Peyton had such a historic season," Miller said. "He is the offensive player of the year, no question. But having played the position, when I looked at who had the most value to his team, I thought Tom Brady carried that team the same way Adrian Peterson carried Minnesota last year."


Sure, if you took Brady away from the Patriots, they'd be awful, but that hypothetical is dwarfed by Manning's season achievements. There is no non-pedantic debate about Peyton being the best player in 2013. The most basic of stats prove this, like the record-setting 5,477 passing yards and 55 passing touchdowns, or perhaps the fantastic 68.3 completion percentage and 115.1 QB rating. And yet, Manning won't follow Brady—who earned every vote in 2010—as the second unanimous NFL MVP. Tom Brady's 2013 wasn't even that good!

There seemingly always has to be one. Back in 2007, Tom Brady threw a then-record 50 passing touchdowns with the 16-0 Patriots and didn't receive a unanimous MVP award. One person voted for Brett Favre.


Photo: AP

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