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Phil Kessel's Parents Are Top-Notch Craigslist Sellers

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Like all parents of fully-grown children, Phil and Kathy Kessel have a bunch of crap cluttering their house that they need to get rid of. But unlike other parents of fully-grown children, their crap is the hockey net that their three standout children grew up shooting on:

Matthew Wallock shared the story of the above pictures on imgur (and r/hockey) last week. He has a couple of kids, and found a hockey net for them on Craigslist. When he showed up, the sellers turned out to be the parents of Phil, Blake, and Amanda Kessel. But it seems like our friend Matthew didn’t plan for his acquisition very well, as the net didn’t fit into his vehicle. But the Kessels took care of that for him:

Ms. Kessel said she and Mr. Kessel would drop it off at my house and said she was happy to see it going to young kids. She and her husband made the 40 minute drive to my place later that night and dropped it off with hockey pucks for my kids. Wonderful family all around and so generous - it certainly wasn’t a profitable venture for them. We’re very new to hockey, but know we’re pretty lucky to have stumbled upon such a neat find.


The Kessels also threw in a couple of autographed photos of Phil, and told Matthew another fun fact: before them, the net belonged to Bob Suter, the former Miracle on Icer and brother to Gary.

Pretty good for a random purchase off Craigslist, though that’s a lot of pressure to live up to.



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