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One of the best subplots of the NFL season was the rise of Twitter user @CableThanos_, a Seahawks fan who earned himself some internet fame by producing charmingly deranged hype videos throughout Seattle’s run to the playoffs. Now, unfortunately, he has become the victim of shameless biting.


If you do not know @CableThanos_’s body of work, you should familiarize yourself with some of his videos here. Once you have done that, come back here so you can get really mad at what the Eagles’ official Twitter account sent out today:

Not only is this video a clear appropriation of the @CableThanos_ aesthetic, the person who made completely misunderstands what makes the originals so funny. The madcap lo-fi surrealism that’s so essential to the form is nowhere to be found here, and has been replaced by precisely the sort of lame, try-hard humor you’d expect from a corporate Twitter account. Whoever made this video did so while wearing a backwards snapback and sitting the wrong way in a folding chair. Reaction GIFs from The Office? Lance Stephenson blowing on things? The damn Willy Wonka meme??? @CableThanos_ would never.

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