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Phillies Pitchers' Many Strikeouts Lead To Wacky Accidental Klan Reference

Phillies relief pitcher Daniel Stumpf. Via AP.

The Phillies’ pitchers this year are mowing down batters at a ridiculous clip. The staff averaged more than 10 strikeouts per nine innings through April, the first time that’s happened in Major League history. I know this because I checked out the coverage over at because of this facepalm of a headline:


Wisely, the folks who run that particular web concern heeded the gentle suggestion by Tim here, and swapped it out for a headline that surely can have no unintended meanings, especially not on a team that has already seen one player, Daniel Stumpf, suspended this season for testing positive for a banned substance. To wit:

Damn, guys. Swing and a miss why don’t ya.

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