Phillies To Start Serving Hard Liquor And Wine To Fans

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Good news for Phillies fans who would like to increase their chances at catching vomit spray from some drunk goon at a ballgame this year: For the first time ever, the team will be selling wine and cocktails on the main concourse at Citizens Bank Park.

Here are the details, from

But in a first this season, the Phillies and Aramark will sell cocktails and wine on the main concourse's general concession areas at Citizens Bank Park. If you think that the idea of a "Phillies bar" is coming from somewhere out of left field - well, you're correct. It will be located behind Section 142, expanding an existing beer bar. Wine and cocktails cannot be brought out to seats. The cocktail list has not been finalized.


Fans could previously purchase hard booze in the premium seating areas and at various sit-down restaurants in the stadium, but this is the first time that the team has blessed the the rest of the fanbase with the opportunity to stand around in one area and pound as many whiskey and Cokes as they can possibly stomach, before returning to their seats in time for the bottom of the seventh, just in time to continue to yelling slurs at someone.