After their second championship in three years, Blackhawks fans flooded out of the bars and into the streets of Wrigleyville to celebrate with each other, to drink, and in a few noteworthy instances, to bust shit up.

What started peacefully ended with riot police and mounted units moving in to disperse revelers, some of who climbed traffic light and awnings. Others threw bottles and trash at officers. According to Chicago authorities, two people suffered injuries, and dozens of storefront windows were broken. And there's this, which is just lovely:

At Clark and Addison, a group of five to 10 people jumped onto the macaroni sculpture outside Wrigley Field and started to chant as they tried to wrench the sculpture from its moorings. Police on horseback moved in while other uniformed officers handcuffed one man who seemed to be the instigator.

Here's "the macaroni sculpture."

We've arranged a bunch of photos of the celebration and aftermath by roughly chronological order, so scroll down to see the euphoria turn belligerent.