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Pi Beta Phi: The Party-Menace Sorority Of The Midwest

Ohio University's branch of Pi Beta Phi held a winter formal and, just like their sisters at Miami University (of Ohio), they abandoned all forms of lady-likeness and terrorized the place where it was held. The Smoking Gun has the gory rundown.


As noted, just like the last time, the Parkersburg Arts Center, based in West Virginia, outlines the significant damage to their facility, including some scuffed-up floors, a broken sink, and, amazingly, a messy ceiling. How do such friendly-looking girls cause all this damage? The shell-shocked director of the facility has the rundown from her staff:

Again with the feces. Plus, these Pi Phis cranked it up a level with the food "missile" fight in addition to the predictable puddles of vomit left unattended. And then, of course, there's wanton public fornication. That's a given. But there's more!


So the bartender at this party was apparently almost robbed and then stripped naked by this wild mob of unhinged gals and their dates, according to this Abby Hayhurst person, who may or may not be exaggerating. Regardless, the Pi Phis are poised to become the Hell's Angels of a new generation. Somebody find one brave, lunatic writer to infiltrate their reckless club and file an undercover exposé as soon as possible.

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