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Piling On The Mets

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We know Rick already covered this this morning, but we really can't quite get over what has happened to the New York Mets. We don't think Willie Randolph belongs in Isiah Thomas Country — for example, Willie Randolph, as far as we know, has not encouraged an atmosphere where interns can sleep with players and get promoted — but man, this team has absolutely fallen apart.

Peter Gammons gives his elegy, but no one knows that pain of an imploding team better than someone who watches them every single day, screaming at his television and pleading to the heavens. Take it away, Faith And Fear In Flushing.

Willie Randolph's Record Since Last Memorial Day: 77-83

Days Until Contract of Luis Castillo (Key Strikeout, Otherwise an Acceptable Night in a Punchless Way) Expires: 1,222

Days Until Willie Randolph Is Fired: ?

Days Until I Give Up on This Listless, Unwatchable, Eminently Booable Team: -6


So, uh ... we suppose we still feel a little bad about this. That was the last time matters weren't horrible for the New York Mets. Where's Bobby V when he's needed most?

How Is This Night EXACTLY THE SAME AS EVERY OTHER NIGHT? [Faith And Fear In Flushing]

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