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Illustration for article titled Pissed Off Oilers Fan Throws Hoodie, And Phone, Onto The Ice

The Edmonton Oilers have been pretty terrible since losing the Stanley Cup Finals in 2006, and they're probably going to be terrible again this year. But Oilers fans can take solace in the fact that bitter rivals Calgary are supposed to be even worse. Winning the Battle of Alberta isn't as nice as making the playoffs, but it's an okay consolation prize. Yeah, about that...


Losing to the Flames, on the first game of the season, at home, is bad enough. Giving up Mason Raymond's third career hat trick in the process is even worse. The season is only 1/82 old, but one Oilers fan is already fed up, and after the loss he angrily chucked his hoodie onto the ice. Too bad he forgot that his phone was still in the pocket.

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