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Plane Banner Insults Are Now Played Out In English Soccer

Last Sunday, West Ham played Wigan away in a battle to avoid relegation. Things didn't work out so well for the Hammers. Rival fans from Millwall chose the very moment that Wigan sealed West Ham's fate to fly a plane over the stadium with a mocking banner. Avram Grant, by the way, is the West Ham manager who was fired hours later. Ooh, burn.

This prank was neither as condescending nor as original as when Blackpool did it to Preston North End two weeks ago. And that was nothing compared to when Rovers got Burnley back in 1991. So we're not going to give the Millwall fans too much credit. The guys behind this belong to an outfit called "House of Fun," after all, and are already talking about making up fun patches to commemorate the event.


Should make life a little more interesting when these two teams face each other next season.

Millwall fans' banner prank perfectly timed to rub salt into West Ham's relegation wounds [The Telegraph]

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