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They really need better security in these South American soccer stadiums. Dogs just keep finding their way out on the field.


This little doggie somehow wandered its way onto the pitch in a Copa Sul Fronteira match this weekend. Dudu, a Sao Paolo player, took it upon himself to pick the dog up and escort it to the sideline. The critter was a little frightened, though, and bit Dudu twice.

Far from being a bad omen, Dudu actually considered the bite lucky. His team had been losing 2-1 when Flike came along, and afterwards the team turned things around, eventually winning 3-2. The decisive goal was scored by Dudu himself.

In a new interview, Dudu has expressed his desire to find his good luck charm. Should he locate it, he plans to name it after the most prominent on-field player-biter: Luis Suárez.


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