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Players Just Don't Care About Their Balls Anymore

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We may have mentioned this before, but back when we were young, untalented, jittery baseball players, we refused to wear a cup. We had a complicated explanation involving positioning and playing catcher, and, in retrospect, it doesn't make much sense. But apparently we're not alone. Slate reports that "kids are just not wearing jockstraps anymore."

The reason? Jock straps really don't do anything. And, even more shocking, many professionals aren't wearing cups either.

"The majority of players feel that less is more, especially padding below the torso," [Giants equipment manager Joe Skiba] explained via e-mail. "They feel that it hinders their speed and performance."


Funny: It doesn't seem to effect players' sperm counts that much: They're still procreating like freaking crazy.

Where Have All The Jockstraps Gone? [Slate]

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