Players' Tribune Boss Says Tiger Woods Isn't Being Defensive, You Are

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Last week, we and many other people made fun of Tiger Woods for revealing himself to be a hollow replicant by "writing" what he imagined to be a scathing takedown of Dan Jenkins's satirical and clearly fake interview with Woods. Now, the editorial director of The Players' Tribune, Gary Hoenig, is out here talking to, acting like he shouldn't be extremely embarrassed about running the dumb screed from Woods's reps.

After assuring everyone that Derek Jeter, the "founding publisher" of The Players' Tribune, didn't solicit the piece from "Woods" (Glad he cleared that up. Here I was thinking that Jeter spends his days commissioning and editing features for his dumb website. "Traffic is down this week! We need a piece that will pop!"), Hoenig goes on to casually brush off the criticism of his website:

"The response was more extreme that we've seen from other pieces, for obvious reasons," Hoenig said. "I'm amused by the defensive and often condescending posture of some journalists, but it's not surprising."


Calling Tiger Woods a humorless dummy isn't condescending or defensive, and neither is calling The Players' Tribune a glorified PR shop. It might be a little condescending to say that Gary Hoenig—former ESPN The Magazine EIC and the No. 1 guy at Jeter's shop—comes off like a massive penis in the quote above, but probably just a little.