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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Playoff Pants Party: Bears Vs. Seahawks

No matter what happens in these here NFC playoffs, we're gonna have a pretty good idea whether or not Rex Grossman is a legitimate NFL quarterback, or just a frizzy-haired drunkard. Thank heavens this game isn't on the eve of a major holiday.


Meanwhile ... "I Am Matt Hasselbeck" ... YEAH!


Cool Standings: Bears.
Football Outsiders: Bears.
Harmon Forecast: Bears.
Paul Zimmerman: Bears.
Peter King: Bears.
Lil' Sean: Bears.
Dan Shanoff: Bears.
Deadspin: Bears. Our first unanimous pick, which is pretty amazing considering all three Bears quarterbacks will be playing "Asshole" before the game.

Some of you — other than Caveman — must have an alternate pick, right? Somebody? Anybody?

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